On-line antenatal courses

If you don't have time to attend an antenatal course or would simply prefer to prepare for childbirth from the comfort of your own home, in your own time, then don't worry, there are options for you too!

*Please note that these are external sites and not run by Calmer Birth and Beyond*

8 hours of tuition with Maggie Howell

Maggie will take you step by step through everything you and your partner need to feel fully prepared, both physically and emotionally for labour.


Each module includes:-

- a video tutorial you can watch on any device at any time
- interactive audio and visual presentation 
- printable pdf handouts and worksheets to keep for reflection or revision 
- quiz to check your knowledge
- birth-related video or interview
- homework or reflection to really help embed your knowledge and personalise your preparation


Birthing for Blokes course:

  • Regular blog posts on birth related information aimed directly at you.

  • The chance to speak to a midwife (Mark Harris) of 20 years experience about your concerns and worries, and to get support directly from him.

  • Regular free live webinars, that go through all the important questions that need answering, and the needed support in making key decisions.

  • A 6 video-based program designed to prepare you as fully as possible to be the very best that you can be while your partner is giving birth.

  • In person workshops led by midwife Mark Harris in your area.…. And coming soon, a weekly 30 minutes podcast on birth related issues aimed at you.

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