For a Calmer, Easier Birth

Learn to Hypnobirth!


Hypnobirthing is a calm, gentle and natural birthing technique, which teaches mothers to connect to the innate wisdom of their bodies through deep, hypnotic, relaxation techniques.

Using the power of thought, suggestion and breath, women can learn to condition their own mind and body to remain calm and have an easier birth experience, however, their baby comes into the world.


Hypnobirthing is intended to help you have the easiest birth possible, using easily-learned self-hypnosis and breathing techniques where you feel you are in control.

With hypnobirthing, you are always under your own relaxed, hypnotic control, nobody else's.


Attending a workshop with your birth partner will help you to understand the process of hypnobirthing and how you can both benefit from this natural, yet powerful method.


Studies* have shown that hypnosis during childbirth leads to:


  • a decreased length of labour

  • lower caesarean birth rates

  • decreased use of pain relief medication, such as epidurals

  • increased ease and comfort in labour and birth (self-reported and observed)

  • greater emotional satisfaction for mothers as a result of having their birthing partners informed, involved and supportive.


Whatever kind of birth you’re planning – homebirth, hospital, birthing centre or caesarean – Hypnobirthing can help.


In addition to this, the majority of women experiencing hypnosis during childbirth in their second or subsequent births report feeling more in control, confident, relaxed and focused, and less fearful, than during their other birthing experiences. The skills you will learn are life skills and can be called upon at other times that you need to be calm and relaxed e.g. dental treatment.


Are you interested in using self-hypnosis for labour and childbirth?

Would you like to feel more in control during your birth?

Are you looking for an easier, more comfortable birth?

Then Hypnobirthing is the answer for you.










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