Birth Companion (Doula)

Having good support throughout your pregnancy and labour can make such a difference to a womans experience of birth and early parenting. Doulas offer that support, we don't replace the partner in any way, we are an extra set of loving and caring arms with your best interest at heart.

We are trained to support the birthing woman and their families through labour and birth.

I will be a caring, knowledgeable,  listening ear throughout pregnancy helping you to make decisions and get the care that is right for you. Having me as your doula, you know that there is someone there for you 24/7 offering knowledgeable support when it is needed.

Sometimes my role is primarily to support mom, at other times to is to support her partner - I've even given support for siblings, grandma and even the dog!


What do I do?

What do I do as a Doula? What ever is required!

Bring the benefit of my knowledge of the process of pregnancy and birth and use these skills as necessary whilst listening to you, your hopes, worries, dreams and plans, to help you have the best experience of pregnancy and birth possible. I can direct you to further information and services that will support you, when needed.

My aim is to 'hold your space' so that you can process and move through your birth journey. So that you become an individual in the system and not one of many nameless women moving through the UK's birthing system. I will offer you individual support and care at all times.

In addition to all this I've been known to make tea, massage backs, catch sick, feed the cat, find phone - the list really is endless! Sometimes I am asked to take the primary role of supporting mom in labour, other times I am there to support her birth partner, so that they can give their full attention to mom.

In general as a doula I offer support for women and their families during pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood. The support is practical and emotional but non-medical in nature. Research has shown that women who receive continuous support by a doula are:


• more likely to give birth spontaneously,
• less likely to use pain medications,
• more likely to be satisfied with their birth experience and
• have a shorter labour.



 - What's not to like about that?




I trained as a doula following requests from my antenatal class clients to be with them at their birth, I trained at the University of Worcestershire with NCT,  a fully recognised member of Doula UK and Worcestershire's Doula UK Regional Representative.


I am happy to offer support for home, birth centre, hospital, VBAC and caesarean births. Supporting couples, families and single parents. I only take one one Doula client at a time, so please book early to avoid disappointment.


My support includes:
Free initial consultation - no obligation for you to see if I am the doula for you and we can work together for the best outcome for you.

Once you book me:
• I will meet with you before your birth to discuss your needs and prepare you for birth
• Explore with you your birth preferences and help you plan them out
• I will be with you and support you throughout your labour and birth, as you want me (on the phone, outside the room, by your side). I understand that we don't always know what we want until we are in labour, I understand this and aim to be flexible to your needs.
• Emotional and physical support for you & your partner or family members during pregnancy and labour
• Helping you to remain calm and confident throughout labour and birth
• Share with you techniques to help ease your experience
• Spending time with you, when you are ready after your baby is born, talking through your experience and sign post for further support if necessary
• Being exclusively on call for you, for your birth, 24/7 for two weeks either side of your due date (a whole month)
• Continual telephone, text, SKYPE and email support from time of booking


Birth Doula Fee: £700


If you wish to add in Hypnobirthing or Antenatal Education, packages are available


Post Natal Doula

Offering support for you and your new family in the early

days or weeks after the birth of your baby.

Whether you are a first time or more experienced parent

having an extra set of hands to support you and your family

in the early days with your new baby, can be extremely

beneficial to help make life a little easier.


As your post-natal doula I offer emotional as well as practical

support for you and your new family in the early days or

weeks after the birth of your baby. Whether it is helping you

build your confidence whilst you learn to care for your new

baby or looking after you or your baby whilst you catch up

on your sleep, as a postnatal Doula I will provide practical

and emotional support during the postnatal period tailored

to your needs.


I am a non-smoker; hold an Enhanced CRB Disclosure certificate and a full UK driver license.

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