Ardo Elite Double Breast Pump Hire


Hospital grade double breast pumps are hired out on behalf of NCT


Minimum hire is 14 days payable in advance


Hire Days               Single Pump             Double Pump

 14 days                     £29.70                       £39.60


Continuation of Hire

£9.90 for every 7 days of additional hire.

NB This amount will be automatically taken by ARDO Medical

on a weekly basis from the payment card from the initial hire.

This will continue until the pump is returned.


All hire rates are payable in advance - All payments to ARDO Medical Ltd via credit or debit card


ARDO pump sets have a closed collection system, impermeable in both directions, which has been verified by an independent testing laboratory.  The silicone membrane pot integrated into the Pumpsets ensures a 100% barrier between the breast milk and any pathogenic agents.  This Vacuum Seal technology protects both the breast milk and the breast pump from contamination and guarantees optimal hygiene. ARDO Pumpsets are made from premium-quality Bisphenol-A free materials.


Breastpump Hire is subject to a Hire Agreement, which is outlined in the Terms and Conditions. You will receive the Hire Agreement with your order.


All orders and equipment are to be collected (and returned) from Bewdley, Worcestershire.

Proof of address is required.

Calmer Birth and Beyond hire pumps on a voluntary basis on behalf of NCT.


If you prefer you may wish to hire direct from Ardo:


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